Meemli’s unique learning experiences

We’re delighted to introduce Meemli and why it might be the right online learning solution for you.

What do we offer?

Meemli has created its own safe online learning platform and custom content, developed and delivered by top-notch teachers. We’re excited to offer Meemli Academy to help students find the high-quality support they deserve. And for do-it-yourselfers, we are happy to share our platform, Meemli Learning Spaces! Read on for more details.

Meemli Academy

Students often need extra help with academic requirements, especially during key transitions like entering high school or preparing to apply to college.To meet this need, Meemli Academy offers small, personalized online courses, with options for live interactions and guidance from real teachers. Meemli currently offers help in these areas: College Application Essay, high school Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing and Math.

How is it better?

Meemli Academy courses and workshops are not limited to just tutoring. They are focused, in-depth learning experiences offering students the best of online learning coupled with proven teaching methods.

Flexibility and ease

Students can take the classes from anywhere with a good Internet connection and they can select only the courses they need and the schedule that suits them.


Safety and privacy

Our learning spaces are not publicly shared or searchable and no personal data is collected or sold. And no contact information is made visible to anyone.

Personal Guidance

In the interactive small group setting teachers can provide active guidance and personalized support to help teens with new and difficult concepts,


Real Educators

Our highly experienced (in real classrooms) team of educators is responsible for developing and delivering courses.

21st Century skills

Our custom material, techniques and approaches help students understand what they learn and develop the critical skills needed for the future.

learning focus

Learning Focus

Our focus is solely on learning. We make it easy, fun, and rewarding to learn on Meemli and leave social networks to others.

Other Offerings

Meemli Learning Spaces


Meemli offers an easy solution for shared learning in a secure online space. Only the people you want to connect with are you friends. Nothing is ‘public’. With no downloads, you can use Meemli from anywhere – even a computer at the public library.

Meemli For All Students


Meemli believes that all students should have easy access to high-qualitylearning and is actively partnering with schools to provide affordable options to under-served students.

Find out how Meemli can help you!

What people are saying about Meemli

My Essay Is Better

The College Essay workshop provided me with the little things that I need to improve my essay, having an active voice. rearranging phrases to make my essay sound better. I would recommend this to my friends!

Gabriel, High School Senior, California

Meemli was a major success in our pilot mentoring program!  Everyone commented on how easy, efficient and fun the software was to use.  I look forward to doing more projects with Meemli to enrich STEM learning in high schools.

Dr. Pennathur, UCSB faculty program sponsor

It’s an easy-to-use workspace for collaborating.

Alix, Teaching assistant

I enjoyed learning the Meemli way a lot! The teacher was the best. I would definitely recommend Meemli.

Simon, Student, Grade 10

I enjoyed learning the Meemli way! The Thesis statement class helped me a lot because it had visuals that helped us get a better understanding on what were are learning about and also showed us like shortcuts to understanding a big idea.

Jose, Grade 9, High School

I learned how to do Algebra more visually. The new way to do Algebra and the teacher were both awesome. It was cool to learn on your PC from home. Meemli is fun and easy. I would recommend to friends!

Shreya, Student, Grade 8

I really enjoyed using Meemli because it was really fun and useful. They gave me tools for how to approach word problems that would usually leave me stuck at first. It was a really great experience that taught me a lot about word problems and I believe it would help anyone. So I would definitely recommend.

Mikaela, Student, Grade 9

So Helpful For Students

The college essay (program) is fantastic! I think this will be so helpful for students as they prepare their college applications.

Christina, High School Teacher, Florida

I found it useful and helpful to think a little bit more about the problems. I liked how we interacted with new people and did problems with them.

Jessica, Student, Grade 9

Gave me confidence

I would recommend the College Essay course as it helped me understand how to write a better essay and gave me confidence in writing my own essay.

Albert, High School Senior, Californaia

I liked the program and the focused topics of sessions to address specific needs...the twins are definitely interested in doing courses in the future. The teachers were all excellent, thorough and patient.

Heather, Parent

Recommend it!

I would recommend the College Essay course, it gave me strategies to make my essay stand out!

Mayrali, High School Senior, California

What I liked best about the Thesis statement class was interacting with the group, I enjoyed it a lot and thought the class was really fun.

Cheyenne, Grade 9, High School

It was a really cool experience. I thought just the idea of having a teacher-mentor over the internet was way awesome.

Andrew, Student, Grade 10

Better understanding

The course gives you a better understanding of what kind of essay to write. I also got tips and strategies to write a good college admissions essay.


Anakareli, High School Senior, California

It worked well and made sense. The online learning offered different things like the drawing tool so you could use the drawing. I liked the teacher’s approach; always very positive, encouraging, helpful, and made sure that we understood it was okay to make mistakes. It's an easy, innovative way to learn!

Sophie, Student, Grade 10

I used Meemli a lot and liked it a lot because it is ‘live’ but you didn’t have to see or meet up the person.  It is cool that (on Meemli) you can connect with your teachers and ask your question and they help you.

Tran, Student, Grade 8

Meemli offered convenience. I liked having the out-of-classroom experience and more connections with the students to assess their needs.

Reggi, Teacher, Middle School

Learned new things

I learned more about the college essay and new ideas on how to write my essay better

Judith, High School Senior, CA

I’m loving the program! It is a great collaboration tool.

Beth, Teacher, High School

Meemli offers a plethora of resources to support our students and develop their academic self-efficacy.

Alexis, After school program director

My daughter really liked the teacher – and the subject – and found the site easy to navigate...just a big thumbs up! I can see another Meemli class being integrated into her regular schedule.

Jenn, Parent

Meemli was a good experience. I liked it a lot. My teacher helped me a lot on Meemli. I would recommend it to other students because it is a good program to learn different kinds of subjects.

Angelica, Student, Grade 8

I would recommend Meemli to friends as I could talk to teachers whenever I had a doubt or question.

Tanush, Student, Grade 9

I really think Meemli classes would be great for students. I really like this as an additional option for them.

Monique, Teacher, High School

Going on a website and watching videos, you can’t really ask questions, it’s just a video, it can’t talk to you, with Meemli you can actually talk to a person, and ask questions and they respond.

Chris, Student, Grade 8

It’s fun and promotes a lot more learning in the interactive sense.

Cayley, Student, Grade 10

The Meemli project was fun and different.

Melissa, Teacher, High School

It actually would help to have Meemli all year and for different subjects.  I pretty much liked it a lot because you actually got help when you needed it, not like later on.

Dennis, Student, Grade 8

More Engaging

I love all of the interactive pieces that scaffold the writing process

Alison, High School Teacher, California

The Thesis statement class was cool because it was a lot different than any other class i have ever taken and the teacher really explained things in great detail and we were able to ask any questions we had.

Lily, Grade 9. High School

Our Mission

Meemli’s mission is to give everyone easy access to high quality learning experiences, regardless of where they live or where they go to school.

Our team works hard to offer high-value courses on core concepts through Meemli Academy for those who need guided learning, and Meemli Learning Spaces for others who may want to create their own learning networks.

In keeping with our mission to support all students, Meemli is partnering with schools and after school programs to bring quality learning experiences to underserved learners, and also offers scholarships to our courses.