Offer personalized support to students, inside the classroom and beyond.

The best teachers understand that most students need some individualized guidance from time to time due to anything from different learning modalities to language fluency. They also know teachers cannot be available to meet on campus all day, and neither can their students. Going beyond email and other all-purpose solutions, Meemli provides the privacy, learning focus, accountability and support required by schools and parents.

How can teachers use Meemli?

teaching-assistantsLeverage supplemental resources

Schools and teachers who need additional resources to offer extra guidance to their students can leverage Meemli in two ways: (1) Engage Meemli to provide customized topic-specific support to the students who need them and (2) Recommend Meemli resources (free and premium) to students/parents who seek extra help .

study-groupsCreate content and monitor study groups

Meemli makes it easy to create online content for custom needs. It also makes student study groups fun, productive, and convenient, while still allowing the teacher to facilitate and monitor progress.

flipped-classroomsStreamline blended learning

Blended learning often requires students to learn new concepts from online resources outside of school. With Meemli, teachers can provide a forum for their students to ask questions and interact during their home study, making learning more responsive and effective.

office-hoursOffer online office hours

Most students need one-on-one guidance from time to time, due to various learning needs. Meemli’s ‘online office hours’ makes it easier for teachers to provide personalized support without needing to be in the classroom.

How does it work?


Create a Meemli network for your classroom

You can add your students to a private network using only their email addresses.


Connect your students

Students connect to you, and can work on assigned MeemliSpaces (online learning spaces) individually or in groups.


Enquire, engage, explain, explore

Use “live sharing” when both you and your students are online together. With “offline sharing”, you can catch up on each other’s updates as convenient.


Review and report

Monitor and review work; track activities and time spent.

How is Meemli different?

Teachers have many options including learning management systems, and popular collaboration or social media platforms, but Meemli delivers targeted benefits by focusing solely on personalized online education for young students.
  • Our primary focus is providing a supportive learning environment that is continually improving to enhance the students’ and their teachers’ experience.
  • We are committed to students’ privacy – we keep all contact details hidden and we do not require specific email providers or public profiles or enable public searches.
  • Meemli’s teacher tools also offer the program accountability and monitoring required by schools and parents.
  • Whiteboards, text editors, notebooks, messaging and chat are part of Meemli’s flexible platform, making it suitable for many different learning purposes.
  • There is no software to install and we provide affordable full-service solutions, including support from expert educators to help guide you through it.

Meemli has both free and premium options. For more info, CONTACT US.