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On Meemli, you and your friends can help each other study in your own personal, fun learning space. You can also sign up for courses that give you the learning experience you want.

Meemli on your own

Add friends on Meemli and invite them to share and work with you on your personal space. You can comfortably add classmates, family, even teachers and tutors you know to your personal friends list.

On your personal space your friends and your work will stay private as you choose what to share and with whom.

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Meemli Academy

Looking for an online course where you can get personal attention?

Meemli Academy offers online courses for small groups of students where you can get guidance from a real teacher.

The courses are on topics that you care about and best of all, they are on Meemli  so you take the course from anywhere and still have a great learning experience.

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