Your child can love learning too

With Meemli Academy’s small, personalized online courses, developed and delivered by top-notch teachers.

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Is Meemli right for your child?

Many students don’t get all that they need from the classroom. Nothing is more heart-breaking than watching your child struggling to understand the key concepts needed, not just for homework or tests, but for long-term success.

Is your child in middle or high school and match any of the following? Then Meemli may the perfect fit!

  • Is preparing for a transition: to college, or high school or middle school
  • Need extra support with writing essays, reading comprehension or foundational math
  • Engages better with personal guidance than with videos and self-guided learning
  • Has limited resources and support in current learning environment

What does your child get from Meemli?

A leap beyond standard tutoring, Meemli Academy helps develop competence as well as confidence in students through the custom courses created and supported by top-notch teachers.

Long-term Skills

From core topics in Algebra to constructing essays, Meemli specializes in creating a foundation in the critical thinking skills necessary for continuous academic success in middle school, high school and beyond.

Personal Guidance

Our small group setting and interactive approach help our highly trained teachers assess each child’s needs and provide personalized feedback to each student.

Confidence Building

Kids build confidence in their own abilities as they feel comfortable asking questions, taking risks and making mistakes in Meemli’s private and supportive learning environment.

Extended Support

Students can ask for help from their teachers through Meemli during the course and for an extended time even after completing their course.


To learn more about how Meemli offers value, visit our Why Meemli page.

How does it work?

  • All you need is a desktop/laptop/tablet and a good Internet connection to join the live online sessions.
  • Want to check it out? Go ahead and enroll! We have a risk-free refund policy.

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